Septemberfest Samples Farming Heritage

I don’t know that milk can drink at that moment, that’s great

Oklahoma Agriculture Blog

Governor Mary Fallin and Secretary Jim Reese look on as First Gentleman Wade Christensen teaches a young participant the finer points of milking a cow at last year’s Septemberfest.

 Have you ever milked a cow or made your own butter? Can you rope a steer or spin wool? Chances are most Oklahomans don’t have a clue how to perform these skills that were part of daily life on the farm a century ago. This Saturday, Sept. 8, you’ll have a chance to try out all of the fun of farming without getting stuck doing chores.

Septemberfest is the annual celebration that invites everyone in the state to come to the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, 820 NE 23rd St. in Oklahoma City, for a day of fun and discovery. The free family event is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Arts and crafts, health and safety and cultural…

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